One of the most renowned card not present conference in the US, CNP EXPO, hosted a pre-conference day focused on sharing knowledge about the very challenging cross-border ecommerce landscape. Payvision together with the Cross-border eCommerce Community (CBEC) developed a 3-hour Grad School session.


The session was scheduled for the 19th of May, between 14.00-17.00 PM, in Orlando, Florida. Payvision, ReD Worldwide, and PAY.ON brought together various experts who covered a broad range of very interesting topics in the cross-border ecommerce arena.  The session kicked off with Joe Emig, VP Business Development, and I, talking about the evolution of ISOs (Independent Sales Organization) and PSPs (payment service provider) business models. The presentation included a comparison between the European Payment Market vs. American Payment Market, from the two business models’ perspective, as well as an analysis of the influence of online shopping behavior on these two models and their future development. If you’re interested in finding out more about our presentation, check this


Joe Emig then continued sharing his wide expertise in expanding from the US to global markets. As cross-border eCommerce increases across all retail sectors, new markets become more and more important for eCommerce merchants. Entering new markets requires careful evaluation of relevant market factors. Successful eCommerce merchants operating in a cross-border model focus on a variety of success factors including streamlined retail offers, efficient product delivery and logistics, consolidated payments processing solutions, and advanced risk and fraud tools. He addressed these success factors that cross-border eCommerce merchants should consider.


Additionally, Joe Emig discussed which international markets have appealing business conditions for US merchants, along with best practices for engaging local resources and established providers in these markets to enable successful payments processing and other key merchant services. Download Joe’s presentation


The CNP market in Canada is also a hot topic for merchants and payment service providers around the world, as it offers companies in the Payment chain a fantastic opportunity with intriguing challenges. An evolving market with new technologies, regulatory changes, products and services makes a local resource with the right contacts and with the right understanding of the Canadian market paramount. My colleague, Ish Nabhan, VP Sales Canada Payvision, and one of the representatives of Home Trust Canada, our partner, Warren Lusk Product and Business Development Manager| PSI Gate, focused their presentation on cross-border eCommerce in Canada. First, they took a closer look at the Canadian Code of Conduct and what it means to new PSPs and ISOs looking to enter the Canadian market. Second, they focused on Visa Debit vs Interac Debit online and which is the preferred payment for Canadian customers. Third, they looked at the challenges of the Mobile payments industry in Canada. A better understanding of these issues would give entrants into Canada a more accurate picture of the local market expectations.

You may download their presentation deck here:


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