International Expansion

In 2012, Cross-border eCommerce sales reached $300 billion, while global online trade is expected to soar to $1.4 trillion by 2015, presenting multi-channel retailers with limitless business opportunities for international expansion...
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Emerging Markets

"Emerging markets" often refer to the developing BRIC markets, but it is becoming clear that shared borders, a common language and a solid infrastructure, may prove to be crucial drivers for the emergence of cross-border ecommerce in developed markets...
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Law & Legislation

International expansion through cross-border ecommerce requires risk management and due diligence processes in compliance with international law and local legislation. Risk levels differ per region, but global ecommerce remains more vulnerable to fraud schemes than traditional face-2-face retail; in part, because online sales involves anonymous CNP payments...
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Law and Legislation

Risk & Fraud

Global ecommerce has grown over recent years at a compound annual growth rate of more than 23%. With this explosion comes a corresponding rise in online fraud, fuelled also by the global drive to EMV and the increased security this delivers for card present transactions...
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Risk and Fraud

Payment Processing Trends

Global online trade sales figures have consistently increased with 19% each year and payment solution providers, card processors, acquiring banks and web merchants in the various industries are profiting from cross-border ecommerce, resulting in international expansion into foreign markets...
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Emerging Markets and Payment Processing Trends

Alternative Payments

2013 - The total value world commercial services exports today exceeds $4.3 trillion. The lower the costs and the greater the quality of services provided by logistics companies, the better off customers and consumers...
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Alternative Payments


To meet shopper expectations in the check-out page is the key to fewer drop-outs, returning consumers, satisfied clients and lead to higher conversion rates as well as more revenues for merchants...
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Latest Blog Posts

B2B cross-border ecommerce in China drives the industry forward

 “The Millennials are coming!” It was a great honor and pleasure to speak about cross-border ecommerce (CBE) trends and opportunities during APEC SME Summit by DHgate and during WECC 2016 World Ecommerce Conference organized by the CECIA. The later event was held on March 14 in Shenzhen, and the latter one on April 11-13 in......

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Western SMEs Entering China’s Ecommerce Landscape – How To?

Over a period of 18 months, during six extended business trips to China I got a very positive vibe from all the parties I had been interacting with; from small, medium and large merchants, solution providers in the ecommerce arena, marketplaces, Free Trade Zones, research and media agencies, to consultancy agencies, government officials, embassies and......

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4th China Cross-Border eCommerce Conference

We are glad to invite you to the upcoming 4th China Cross-Border eCommerce Conference & Exhibition 2015 which will be held on Dec 2-3, 2015, Shanghai China.   Organizer: PTP International Supporting Organization: CBEC, Ecommerce Europe, Netcomm, NORA, NAMO, Thai E-Commerce Association, AMCHAM, EWDN, Internet Retailer, Number of Attendees: 500 Number of Exhibition ...

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Cross-border ecommerce research, omnichannel and mPOS in China

Having been invited to speak at the Cross-border eCommerce Conference in Shanghai at the end of May, I prepared a very insightful presentation focused on Chinese cross-border ecommerce. I put data into perspective on emerging countries from both an import and export point of view and I provided the audience with research-based information from Payvision,......

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Country Profiles


Download Cross-Border eCommerce Report

Country-specific Ecommerce facts & figures, mature and emerging markets, preferred payment methods, payment service providers, risk and fraud and eCommerce legislation & regulation.

European Legislation

During my presentation at the Grad School hosted by Payvision during CNP EXPO | Orlando, I talked about the regulatory ins and outs that operating in the European Union has, for those players interested in expanding their business to Europe or to improve their already-existent European activities. Europe has a quite complex regulatory landscape, which is fragmented and constantly flooded with new regulations and legislation issued by different authorities.

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CBEC Partners


The Cross-Border Ecommerce Community will be merchant's central information hub when seeking international expansion and business growth. Each partner is committed to CBEC's content marketing mission statement and a piece of the ecommerce-pie in a non-competitive way, for the sake of sharing valuable knowledge with the ultimate goal to boost cross-border ecommerce for the benefit of all stakeholders in the global ecommerce eco-system.

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