We are very happy to accept the invitation to participate and hold a keynote presentation in the first cross-border online shopping conference to be held in China, which will take place in Shanghai, May 22-23. According to a recent MasterCard report, annual volumes of China’s cross-border online shopping have reached USD 2.92 billion in 2012 and by 2015, this segment is projected to surpass USD 8.11 billion. This growth is making the area an attractive one for banks and non-banks.


Cross-Border E-Commerce Conference Shanghai


Today, cross-border ecommerce is relatively small – at 8 percent of online commerce – so there’s lot of room for growth. E-commerce opportunities, the increased penetration of smartphones, the fast technological developments and innovative products and services made merchants in Asia-Pacific, and worldwide, realize that brick and mortar is not the most important starting point of their business, and that online shopping connected to an unlimited base of customers could actually help them save money, adapt quicker to the new technology and reach out faster to new customers. Selling online in multiple geographies is the holy grail of retail, but it is the most complex commerce territory to conquer with the ability to accept in-country payment methods as the main battle to be won. The key to successful cross-border online shopping is to offer the shoppers the same services online as they have received in-store for years, with the ability to pay in their own language, currency, and preferred (local) payment method.


Enhancing cross-border ecommerce and making it transparent, domestic and profitable, has strategic importance for Payvision; we believe that sharing knowledge within the global acquiring network, in which different stakeholders cooperate with each other, will ultimately prove to be profitable for all participants in the ecommerce landscape. Different aspects of international expansion and cross-border ecommerce such as fraud & risk management, logistics, payment processing, or law & legislation have to be thoroughly understood by ecommerce players around the world in order for them to really benefit from the immense business opportunities raised by the digital era.


In order to become trusted advisors for merchants, PSPs and global acquirers around the world, and to offer a complete solution for the necessary steps and processes one must follow when expanding internationally, we have initiated and founded the cross-border ecommerce community (CBEC). We have partnered with key companies specialized in different aspects of ecommerce such as The Paypers, Pay.On, ReD Worldwide and World IT Lawyers. Our most recent member is RBS, and we have another logistics company pending. All our members are investing and sharing their knowledge through fact sheets, infographics, and country specific reports. Read more about our Content Mission Statement.


As the mastermind behind the CBEC, I will make a keynote presentation during the Cross-Border E-Commerce Conference & Exhibition in Shanghai on May 22, presenting our CBEC initiative. The main topics covered in my presentation will be; a Cross-Border Ecommerce Perspective, Market versus Operational Readiness, key business drivers for profitable Cross-Border Ecommerce, China: Purchasing and Buying Preferences, how the CBEC is organized, and how the CBEC can help Merchants worldwide with their challenges to sell cross-border.


Meet us at the Cross-Border E-Commerce Conference & Exhibition, in Shanghai, 22-23rd of May, and let’s share our knowledge and help generate a better understanding of how we can respond to the growing needs of merchants, banks and PSPs who are keen to learn more about the benefits of cross-border ecommerce and international expansion.