As Chairman and co-founder of the international Cross-border Ecommerce Community and great advocate of online cross-border expansion, I have been invited to hold a keynote at the second Cross-Border eCommerce Import Conference, which takes place on November, 27 in Shanghai, China. I will also be presenting the Cross-Border Ecommerce Award Ceremony at the VIP Banquet (on the 27th of November, 19:00 – 21:30 pm), together with iResearch. For the second time this year, I am honored to accept the invitation to such a prestigious conference and to bring my contribution to the growth of this industry.


The cross-border ecommerce market continues to boom in China and across the rest of the world. China has already outstripped the US in ecommerce sales; USD 296 billion and USD 263 billion respectively. Moreover, China’s cross-border ecommerce trade is projected to reach USD 1.1. Trillion by 2016! There is no other place to be today than China!


Cross Border eCommerce Import Conference Rolf Visser Beside the keynote prepared for the Cross-Border Ecommerce Import Conference on the 27th of November, in the same day and venue, a second one will be addressed to the audience of Global Ecommerce Innovation Forum organized by ISPC and endorsed by the Ministry Ecommerce of China. During the keynotes, we are going to launch a powerful tailor-made e-learning platform, an innovative project endorsed and funded by the European Commission, where CBEC is the main contributor and partner. Chinese merchants, authorities and industry players are welcomed to attend the keynotes and learn, ask questions, and be at the front of this complex space of cross-border ecommerce.


The presentations will reflect the global vision of CBEC and will reveal new research data on the key business drivers and opportunities in cross-border ecommerce, from both import and export point of view. Next to this, on 28th of November, I would also like to invite you to join a very interesting panel, at Cross-Border Ecommerce Export Conference organized by PTP International. The discussion will tackle the data analysis on cross-border ecommerce export market, how to succeed in Europe & US market, and the future trends; I will moderate the panel consisting of merchants, marketplaces, service providers such as Webpower, Aliexpress, Cycleon, SF Express, Payvision, 1421 Consulting.


Asia Pacific region is a desirable choice for expanding business from Europe or North America, markets whose ecommerce growth is gradually slowing down. This is especially relevant when we consider the Chinese Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ), officially launched in September 2013; the Chinese government’s major initiative to open China up to the outside world from a trade perspective. Close to 10,000 businesses had registered within the FTZ as of June 2014, 661 of which were foreign-invested enterprises. This is set to dramatically boost both import and export cross-border ecommerce.


Come and join us at the 2nd Cross-border E-commerce Export/Import conference, and take a global perspective on cross-border business growth!