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Key Business Drivers And Opportunities In Cross-Border Ecommerce 2017 2017 has been another incredible year for global online retail. And, with predicted CAGR for cross-border ecommerce from 2017-2022 now higher than that of B2C ecommerce overall, it’s never been a more lucrative time to be selling internationally online. Download Key Business Drivers And Opportunities In Cross-Border Ecommerce 2017.





Key Business Drivers And Opportunities In Cross-Border Ecommerce 20162016 has set the scene for global political and economic unrest: Brexit, a European migrant crisis, a controversial American presidential election campaign, and economic downturn in China. Cross-border ecommerce has evolved remarkably since our first global survey in 2013, often in line with global trends. The subdued appetite for risky international business expansion from our survey respondents is reflected in these unsettled times. Download: Key Business Drivers And Opportunities In Cross-Border Ecommerce 2016.





Download Payments Optimization - How to Increase Conversion– Merchants – both online and offline – have an impossible number of considerations when planning their payments optimization strategy. Offering customers too few options damages conversion rates, especially with the rise of cross-border ecommerce, increased levels of fraud, and the inevitable movement towards mobile payments. Yet, offering too many alternative payments can be complicated, and not necessarily profitable. Download Payments Optimization – How to Increase Conversion.





Online Travel Agencies - Providing an in-depth analysis of the online travel agency sector– Travel bookings are, according to Forrester Research, the single biggest component of all ecommerce business. This is the age of the Online Travel Agency (OTA) and, by 2017, the worldwide revenue for online travel is expected to hit USD830 billion. The fight for the biggest share of this huge sum is set to be ferocious. OTAs will need to jump quickly on the trends and innovations that are driving the industry forward to succeed. Download Online Travel Agencies – Providing an in-depth analysis of the online travel agency sector.





Online Payments Market Guide 2015 – insights into payments and ecommerce – As always, The Paypers is committed to providing clear perspectives and insights into the ever changing payments industry to help all players keep pace with the latest updates in the field. Therefore, a new edition of the Online Payments Market Guide has been launched. The 2015 Market Guide is aimed at delivering a state-of-the-art overview of the global online payments and ecommerce ecosystem. Get a compelling and comprehensive analysis into the dynamic and competitive global online payments and ecommerce market by downloading your free copy of the Online Payments Market Guide 2015.




Download Profitable Omnichannel Retail– Omnichannel retail was one of the hottest topics of 2015. In a landscape of ubiquitous mobile Internet, consumers expect to shop or research at any time, from anywhere. With the introduction of more streamlined mPOS and mcommerce payments, shoppers have come to anticipate the same level of experience from one touch point to another. Despite the buzz around the subject, merchants are clearly discouraged with the practical implementation of omnichannel retail. The name itself; omni- meaning of all things and places, implies an ability to be everywhere simultaneously. In reality, this concept is almost impossible. Download Profitable Omnichannel Retail.




Key Business Drivers & Opportunities in Cross-Border eCommerce 2015– Cross-border online shopping has existed for many years, despite hefty import duties, long delivery times and complicated return processes.Today, merchants are focused on improving this experience. Factors such as the growth of marketplaces, improved Internet speed and cleaner checkout processes have provoked a positive shift in cross-border ecommerce. Explosive use of mcommerce has led to a more connected consumer with an expectation for omnichannel experiences. Our new annual Cross-Border eCommerce white paper explores the business drivers and opportunities for online merchants to pursue a seamless international business.




Key Business Drivers & Opportunities in Cross-Border eCommerce 2014– With growth slowing in established markets, merchants in the West are more frequently pursuing cross-border ecommerce to maintain their online business momentum. Our annual white paper explores the key international business drivers and opportunities for online merchants in emerging markets . Our 2014 research is the result of a collaborative survey with Merchants, PSPs, acquirers and consultants were polled on their cross-border ecommerce strategies, drivers and challenges.




Preparing your organization for cross-border ecommerce“Preparing Your Organization for Cross-border Ecommerce” explores at the specific factors that online merchants should take into consideration when expanding globally. Whether selling online to developed countries or emerging markets, today’s online merchants are seeking out new markets for their products and services.





Report: DISPs connecting a fragmented e-Identity Market– This e-identity report explores the crucial role Digital Identity Service Providers (DISP) play, in a fragmented e-identity market; an innovative, connecting role, very similar to that of international payment service providers in the secure global online payment landscape. The internet is a great business driver, while its relative anonymity poses risks, which need to be mitigated during the e-identification process.




Sharing the results of thorough Research an Analysis leads to a deeper understanding of the Global CNP Online Payment Processing industry, a better insight into the challenges and opportunities which lie ahead for those industry stakeholders who are successful in overcoming the obstacles and expand their business, through profitable cross-border eCommerce.