2017 has been another incredible year for global online retail. And, with predicted CAGR for cross-border ecommerce from 2017-2022 now higher than that of B2C ecommerce overall, it’s never been a more lucrative time to be selling internationally online.

With that in mind, it is unsurprising that this year’s edition of our massive annual report on cross-border ecommerce is our biggest paper yet. Across nearly 100 pages, we offer actionable stats, expert insights and exclusive facts and figures on every major trend, every important market and every technological shift that is likely to shape the industry’s future.



In this paper you’ll find: • Analysis of the biggest stories from the last twelve months of global online retail, including OBOR, new EU legislation, online marketplace dominance, Trump, Brexit and more • Ecommerce value, top import and export opportunities, cross-border activity and main trends in every major ecommerce market • The full results from our huge annual survey, with insights and opinions from merchants, acquirers, MSPs, PSPs and consultants across the globe All of it comes beautifully illustrated with easy-to-follow graphics and a simple, reader-friendly layout. Download it free today and equip yourself with the data you need to begin framing your international strategy for the coming years.