The Cross-Border eCommerce Community (CBEC) and partnering with experts in various sectors of ecommerce were initiated because of the lack of information and transparency in the ecommerce market. Without valuable data on payments, legislation, logistics, emerging markets or risk management, stakeholders such as PSPs, ISOs, acquiring banks and merchants cannot have a good understanding of how to benefit from opportunities offered by cross-border ecommerce.


Over more than a decade, Payvision’s global card-processing platform has amassed lots of insightful payment data which we are happy to share within the Cross-Border eCommerce Community. As a global acquiring processor, we have a tremendous amount of unique data on card processing, and by sharing it we help other players make strategic decisions in order to grow their businesses, which in the end will lead to the evolution of the entire payments landscape.


So Payvision’s contribution to the CBEC will include data on payment transactions made around the world, from various countries and regions, as well as insights on the compliance framework. Moreover, one of the most important pieces of content shared within the community is Payvision’s extensive market research on different ecommerce payments areas and regions.


However, we have less knowledge in other sectors such as logistics, legislation and alternative payments. Within the Cross-Border eCommerce Community, together with the other members we are able to cover all relevant aspects, transforming CBEC into the only shared source of information on different areas of expertise such as: international expansion, emerging markets, alternative payments, payment processing trends, risk and fraud and law & legislation.


So CBEC brings a new vision on the ecommerce industry, assisting Acquirers, PSPs, ISOs and their merchants around the world to understand what the process of global expansion looks like, and offering a comprehensive approach to the shared data. Besides that, the website and the dedicated LinkedIn Group allow everyone to engage in the conversation and start insightful discussions, read and share expert opinions and extensive reports. In this way, we all become more aware of the latest market trends and interesting topics that are shaping our ecommerce industry.