World IT Lawyers is an international alliance of law firms. All our lawyers are specialised in legal aspects of eCommerce. We believe that market players in the eCommerce world should benefit from an interdisciplinary approach such as cross-border eCommerce Community, for whom we will offer the legal components.


Legal aspects of eCommerce approached by the cross-border eCommerce Community


A typical example that we receive as lawyers in the field of eCommerce is about data protection. A lot of market players wonder how they should be compliant with data protection, especially with the new European data protection regulation. What kind of data can I gather from my customers? What can I do with that data? Can I export them outside the European Union? Can I send messages to my customers?


Another typical question is consumer protection. Does a consumer who orders a product or service on your website revoke his order? If he has paid, can he revoke the payment? Is the eCommerce merchant allowed to use direct debits or to ask for a payment upfront before delivery?


Another example of legal aspects in eCommerce is intellectual property. Imagine that you have a website for which a lot of the content is contributed by the user, so called user generated content. This implies questions about the allocation of liability between the eCommerce website supplier, the user or other providers of advertising, products or services such as merchants.


There is a whole variety of aspects related to eCommerce and World IT Lawyers is specialised in those kind of questions, including contract issues, legal advice, or dispute resolution (court, mediation, arbitration).


Local flavours in eCommerce legislation


World IT Lawyers offers legal advice about all aspects of eCommerce at a European level and also about the “local flavours” of eCommerce rules and regulations and the national implementation of European legislation in the European Member States. An American merchant may think that the European legislation about, for example data protection, is the same all over Europe. There is a cross-border European layer that is the same in all Member States but there may exist local flavours, differences in the implementation and another application in practice in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, etc.


Cross-Border eCommerce Community Information Hub


eCommerce merchants and market players should follow us because we are a group of experts who provide valuable content. The Cross-Border eCommerce Community website becomes a one-stop shop, an information hub for eCommerce.