Content Mission Statement

The place where Merchants, Payment Service Providers, ISOs and Acquiring Banks within the CNP Payment Industry can gain access to country and regional specific ecommerce facts and figures; valuable content about mature and developing markets which can help you in your strategic decision-making.


We share need-to-know and up-to-date information and expertise, as well as research papers, industry reports and info graphics which highlight global opportunities for profitable cross-border ecommerce. The obstacles which hinder cross-border expansion are explored, and the payment methods, logistics, regulations, risk & fraud issues that affect individual countries are addressed.


The co-creators and partners in this initiative believe that we are stronger collectively, when we bundle our knowledge. By bringing together and sharing expertise from multiple sources, we hope you will gain a deeper understanding of the different influences on ecommerce, new insights which can result in exciting initiatives and, ultimately, lead to international expansion for the benefit of all stakeholders within the dynamic global ecommerce landscape.