Moving forward with the CBEC Grad School held during CNP EXPO 2014, Orlando, Florida, Adam Bouwman from PAY.ON offered those attending a very interesting presentation on Alternative Payments, Thinking in 3-D – Keys to Frictionless International Payments Acceptance.


As North American merchants are pushing their payment providers to “follow them” into European, Latin American and Asian markets, the payments industry has responded with new technology, new services and new solutions that go a long way toward reducing the complexity, time-to-market and effort required for payment providers to “go international.” This presentation looked at the ways these payment challenges for international expansion are being overcome by globally-focused industry players, and sparked discussion regarding the right strategy for following merchants to new markets quickly, cost-effectively, and successfully.


Mobile grows at an incredibly fast pace and we all know it, therefore we couldn’t overlook a presentation on the current status of mobile payments business models around the world. I talked about the facts & figures in the mobile payments ecosystem, the existent business models, and the particularities of different regions with different regulatory environments; I also discussed the conversion of mobile payments models, the consumers’ behavior trends and their influence on the mobile payments industry. The era of the digital payment is expected to see far more growth this year; big players such as Apple, Google, Amazon, PayPal and Facebook are now making a successful transition from online to mobile. Check out my presentation on our slide share channel


As most of the 150 people attending the Grad School were US-based, a very intriguing and insightful presentation was offered by Ignacio Gonzalez-Paramo, VP Global Compliance Payvision, “Landing in Europe: a regulatory approach“. Ignacio tried to provide the audience with an insight on why EU regulation is strategically key for those willing to establish in the EU or to strengthen their market positioning there.


On top of that, he also walked the attendees through the key actors in the European policy making process, as well as the most important pieces of legislation to keep in mind by potential or existing EU CNP players. Ignacio also underscored the regulatory issues that might imply hurdles for running a CNP business and he provided some pieces of advice on how to successfully address those issues. Ignacio’s presentation is available here:


Last but not least, Chris Harper from ReD Worldwide explored the fraud challenges for international expansion for online merchants seeking to take advantage of growth opportunities in new markets. He discussed the importance of understanding the different fraud profiles of target countries and differing consumer attitudes towards online security and alternative payment channels. He provided practical examples of these differences and their implications for risk and fraud prevention. His examples also illustrated the importance of access to global fraud intelligence and flexible fraud strategies that can be adapted quickly to changing circumstances, as merchants learn more about the countries into which they are expanding. Topics such as tailoring fraud strategies and rules by country, channel or payment types have also been covered. If interested in finding more about Chris’ presentation, please click here:


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