After more than one year of collaboration between Payvision and Rentabiliweb/Be2bill, we can now look back and have a first evaluation of our partnership, its short-term results, business opportunities and benefits. The success of our joint payment processing solution stays in the international expansion boom of worldwide PSPs and their merchants, and in their need to access new markets and to be able to offer optimized, cutting-edge payment method and accountable advice in every aspect of the e-commerce landscape.


France‘s card not present payment landscape is quite specific, with Groupement des Cartes Bancaires (CB) as France‘s interbank and universal payment system. CB manages more than 8 billion transactions, and as an economic interest group, CB represents 130 banks or member payment institutions, 1.2 million French merchants and nearly 60 million cardholders.


The case-study available to download highlighted that only a few PSPs in Europe are able to offer Cartes Bancaires as a worldwide payment solution, making the French market very hard to access. International PSPs and merchants interested to expand their business and to sell their products in France have to ensure that they offer to the new French buyers their own local preferred payment solution.


“This partnership gives us the opportunity to assist our clients beyond the French market, giving them not only access to a hundred means of payments used by foreign consumers locally but also to multi-currency transactions with a local settlement in foreign currencies, at a much more competitive price than any of their banks could ever offer. To offer a smart payment solution to any e-merchant in the world is a key step in our international development strategy”, Thibaut Faurès Fustel de Coulanges, Chairman of Rentabiliweb Europe.


Giving diversity to Payvision’s product portfolio and enabling merchants worldwide to expand in France, the partnership has also given Rentabiliweb the possibility to expand its global footprint and process multi-currency transactions in the different Regions, through Payvision’s worldwide acquiring network. In the same time, Rentabiliweb has enabled PAYVISION’s customers to benefit from the French card processing specificities and achieve significantly better transaction conversion rates.


The solution offered by Payvision & Rentabiliweb has impressive features, such as:

  • Cost effectiveness, a single price, based on collection volumes, for the processing of French issued Visa-MasterCard cards, which is amongst the most competitive in the world, acquiring and processing of all Card Payments on the French Market;
  • Conversion rate – Rentabiliweb offers the best French Cartes Bancaires – Visa – MasterCard acceptance ratios on the French market, reaching rates of more than 95%;
  • Fraud prevention and chargebacks reduction – with a highly sophisticated fraud prevention tool in place it allows merchants to detect and identify fraud threats in real time, based on a collaborative rule engine.


The partnership between Payvision and Rentabiliweb/Be2bill provides French e-merchants with card payment solutions to expand their e-commerce cross-border through Payvision’s global acquiring network, while Payvision offers international PSPs and their merchants in the different regions exposure to the French market through a French optimized Cartes Bancaires processing solution.